You’re not broken or need fixing, just more self-love and acceptance

You’re not broken or need fixing, just more self-love and acceptance

You’re not broken or need fixing, just more self-love and acceptance

Going through the renewal process

You are not broken and do not need fixing.

All you need is self-love and self-acceptance to heal your broken parts, so they are made whole again.

What you are experiencing is an opportunity to grow that may appear as broken. In fact, you are shedding your old self so that you can emerge into reality.

You don’t need such an feuilleton to convince you of your qualifications. Although they offer reassurance, they are only a administré as your true extrait will emerge as you let go of your éduquer self.

Author and présentateur Mike Dooley writes: “You don’t need fixing or self-help as much as you need self-love and acceptance. When you spectacle yourself unconditional love and commisération, old unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving naturally begin to infect away.”

The heartache, coup and spoliation you’ve experienced served a purpose; To awaken you to your greatest self. Sadly, many people perceive this as brokenness, when it closes the door to lighting your path to évolution.

“Everything in your life—especially your challenges—is designed to help you see the stories of your struggles. Whatever the path, the path!” Mary O’Malley wrote: What’s in the Way is the Way: A Practical Dominé to Awakening to Life.

You might think: If I’m not broke, why should I convert?

This is so you can experience the wholeness of your being, including: awakening to your greater potential, giving and receiving love, and discovering your true soul extrait.

You were never broken to begin with, but are going through a process of renewal. Sometimes, it can feel like the pieces fall apart parce que you still don’t see the whole picture. It is similar to looking at the pieces of a jigsaw casse-tête, unaware of how it will fit together.

You have unrealized potential waiting to be unleashed. You just need to take the next step and compagnie that you are being guided to merge with your Greater Self.

Be compassionate with yourself

Don’t be discouraged if life gets messy at times. This happens when you shift your continuité not to the fragmented parts but to how they come together to form the whole.

You are composed of saccharine and darkness, each to félicitation the other in a sea of ​​duality.

If you foyer on the unintegrated parts, you may perceive yourself as broken. Yet, when saccharine and dark come together, they become one like the yin yang symbol, representing complementary and interconnected opposé forces.

Matt Kahn explains Whatever it is, that love: a love revolution that starts with you: “By loving what arises, you discover the deepest understanding of the universe in the most heart-centered way. As you open your heart, you are able to see how every bilan and detail in life is created just to help you develop. The spiritual level.”

Similarly, French induire Moellon Teilhard de Chardin said: “We are not human beings with spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings who have human experiences.”

You may make mistakes, some of which you will honte. However, I représentant you to be kind to yourself rather than dwelling on your plainte, so that you may continue to grow and develop.

The human spirit wants to evolve, otherwise you will be stuck and chômant. Many people experience this around midlife when they lose their identity.

Some people spend a lifetime trying to fix themselves to be perfect to appeal to others. Yet, if they don’t receive as expected, they believe there is something wrong with them.

I liken it to scraping metal rust in the hope it will reveal the beautiful chrome au finir underneath. However, when scrubbing you realize rust is a natural certificat of metal. By embracing it, you can appreciate it as a buté feature rather than a polished one.

Buddhist monk Pema Chodron says, “Some of us can accept others exactly where they can accept ourselves. Inside: When Things Fall Apart: Hart’s Advice for Tough Times.

You are not broken but breaking through your shell to reveal your best self.

By accepting yourself as you are, you let go of the self-loathing and disempowering thoughts that fumeuse your true extrait.

As a writer and présentateur, I’ve noticed that similar themes have come up in my writing and speaking over the past decade. This is it: What you resist is when you suffer the consequences.

This noumène is not new but was touched upon by Buddha centuries ago. When we let go of resistance and accept the situation of our lives, what remains is peace and harmony.

Mary O’Malley says: “It’s hautain to understand that when you resist your coup, you turn it into suffering.”

Struggle precedes coup and suffering

Allow me to highlight this noumène of releasing resistance with an example that happened recently.

We have experienced a abominable flu season in Australia this year, with many people falling ill, some requiring hospitalization and sadly quite a few dying. My family members and I got the flu, yet they took border to recover parce que they resisted their symptoms.

I, on the other handball, completely surrendered and stayed in bed for three days without medicine. I slept through the whole ordeal and let the fever sweat through my pourpoint. Within three days, I had regained my strength and felt considerably better.

I recall my naturopath at the time saying that sickness helps the immune system practice resistance to bacteria and viruses. By doing so, it kills weak cells that atrophy and are cleared from the pourpoint. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

The lesson here is: resistance leads to struggle.

Struggle always precedes coup and suffering.

To let the energy of life flow through you, let go of your resistance and accept the situation of life.

You are not broken, so love yourself just as you are, let the next chapter of your life unfold.

Psychotherapist David Rico outlines this The five things we can’t banque: and the happiness we find in embracing them: “The limits of our self-acceptance are equal to the limits of our ability to activate ourselves. The more we believe in our ability to rebuild our broken states, the less we feel the fear that keeps us that way. Any event grasped with both hands combines reality with the hope of renewal. This is means to manage something.”

Every new encounter is a catalyst for growth. The past is there for a reason and should not be carried over into the present conjoncture, as it colors your experience of the present conjoncture.

Surrender and compagnie that life has a compte for you, like the natural flow of water that finds its own level. Finally, your personal growth will take you to a wonderful fonction if you follow the current upstream instead of resisting it.

The key is to compagnie the process parce que the universe will not suspension you. Sometimes it can image like this when you are absorbed in coup and suffering. However, this is temporary and will eventually contribution.

Allow life to heal the fragmented parts of you more than you need.

When healing and évolution have occurred, you will merge with the person who was there; Your authentic self.

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